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Hello there! Who's behind this Tumblr fashion blog? Her name is Mirna, she's 22 years old and she lives in Croatia. She's studying Information and communication sciences and she's Assistant to Editor in Chief of Elle Croatia. She's also Tumblr fashion tag editor.

This blog is an online scrapbook where visitors can soak in people I find inspiring and editorials I love along with snaps of me and my ramblings and adventures.

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None of the pictures or texts posted are mine unless otherwise stated. All images are clickable and link to their original source.
Review Disclaimer: Products are provided to Mirna for review and giveaway, free of charge. The opinions expressed about the product or service are that of the reviewer and all reviews are unpaid.

Edited by McQueen himself, book ‘Alexander McQueen: Work In Process’  is a beautiful insight into one of the last grand gestures of a fashion genius.

Alexander McQueen commissioned photographer Nick Waplington in 2008 to document the making of his Fall 2009 collection and he documented every step of the creative process. The book was ready for publication when McQueen died consequently putting the book on hold - until now.

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